The state-of-the-art Louisville Urban League Sports and Learning Complex will be a keystone of West Louisville’s changing landscape. Along with Russell: A Place of Promise, this will make a lasting community, economic, educational, and health and well-being impact for generations to come by:

  • Making Louisville a world-class destination by filling a void in the local, regional, national, and international track and field community
  • Spurring economic and community growth for Black businesses and families, igniting a culture of change that passes asset and wealth building down to future generations
  • Investing in the most diverse and inclusive sport in the world and one that is proven to contribute to higher grades, lower truancy, and a higher likelihood of attending college
  • Creating accessible and affordable health and wellness facility for a community with a life expectancy as much as 13 years shorter than the rest of the area
  • Transforming brownfields and abandoned properties into green spaces, homes, and thriving local businesses



Annual Visitors
Economic Impact
Additional Room Nights
New Construction Job Wages

*All numbers represent track season alone (November – March) and does not account for events, conferences, and other opportunities throughout the year.


This complex will build the next generation of brilliant minds:

  • Offer championship-level facilities in a community where young athletes are currently training in the hallways of schools
  • Foster interest in a sport that, compared to all 20 major sports, leads to the highest grades, lowest truancy, and highest likelihood of attending college*
  • Stimulate the mind through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)-focused opportunities – from outdoor bio blitzes to indoor studies of hydraulics and the body in motion
  • Provide exposure to athletes who succeed academically – at the NCAA, DI level, 90% of female track and field athletes and 82% of males graduate


*Teen Sport in America: Why Participation Matters. Women’s Sports Foundation; 2018 January


Track can prepare me mentally and physically for any obstacles that I come along in life

Hasani Williams

I think this facility, it’s going to be great for the kids that are to come. It’s getting kids off the street. They’ll have a place to go. It’s bringing jobs at the same time, and money.

Cameron Moss

Track has opened a lot of opportunities. Allowed me to go out of state and places I would have never thought I would have gone. And in the future, I’m hoping to get a scholarship in track so I don’t have to pay for college.

Veronique Ninamou

Some people, especially during the summer, say Kentucky is a slow state. I love that being from Louisville you kind of get to prove them wrong.

Kaleb Adkins

I run track really because I am inspired by Allyson Felix and I want to run the same races she does. And I also want to go to the Olympics.

Alexandra Allen

Track is an equalizing sport – any child with a good pair of shoes, drive and determination can compete.

Alice Houston

Track and field is the most foundation and fastest growing sport amongst kids. It is the #1 middle school and high school participatory sport for girls, and #2 for boys.

2018 Statista Sports & Fitness Study

Louisville Urban League

Browne Engineering & Construction

National Development Council

Moody Nolan

Meet the Team


This sports and learning complex will signal a transformation. Lifelong residents will take pride in a facility that is theirs, one that represents the life and history of the neighborhood.

  • Organic housing revitalization and the creation and development of Black-owned business enterprises
  • Enthusiasm for growth will lead to the building of a safer and healthier West Louisville
  • Brownfields and abandoned properties will transform into green spaces, homes, and thriving local businesses
  • Encourage involvement in a sport where participants have some of the healthiest lifestyles – regularly eat breakfast, consuming fruits and vegetables, and engaging in vigorous daily exercise
  • Access to restaurants with fresh and nutritious dining
  • Opportunities for adults and youth exercise, sports, or learning activities



Louisville is less than a day’s drive from more than 67% of the nation’s population. This state-of-the-art facility positions Louisville as the epicenter of the indoor track and field community. The facility, and inevitable revitalization, will capture regional and national sports energy and will;

  • Bring 20,000-30,000 athletes and families with disposable income to the city during track season alone (four months)
  • Spur $47 million economic impact, including total employment for 322 people during construction during track season
  • Add approximately 14,789 new “heads in beds” each year, representing $15.9 million in total economic impact for Louisville hotels during track season alone
  • Provide for opportunities other revenue generating events and public exposure


Image Credit: Louisville Tourism (2018)


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