​Kentucky is full of small farms.


Caitlin Bowling

Kentucky is full of small farms.

That is, in comparison to the national average. Nationally, the average farm is 434 acres, compared with only 163 acres in Kentucky.

Because the state’s agriculture economy is mostly composed of small-time farms, it a good candidate for a food port, said Stephen Reily, founder of Seed Capital Kentucky, a nonprofit organization started in 2011 to promote the regional food economy.

“Kentucky is very dependent on small and family farms,” he said.

The 24-acre West Louisville Food Port, at 30th Street between Muhammad Ali Boulevard and Market Street, is a project led by Seed Capital Kentucky. The goal is to create a place, through public-private partnerships, where regional food can be collected, packaged, stored and distributed. The food port also would have a retail space, offices, and a demonstration garden for educational opportunities, among other features, Business First previously reported

Source: West Louisville Food Port master plan provides a look at Kentucky’s agriculture industry and the history of the 24-acre West Louisville property – Louisville – Louisville Business First